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Submitting A Photo: Guidelines
Submitting A Photo: Guidelines

By submitting your photo(s) to our online gallery, you will also have the chance to see your dog's life printed on one of our labels. To make sure your pup has the best chance of being considered for our labels, please review the submission requirements below. The chosen winners will receive one bag of A Dog's LifeTM, handcrafted treats, with your pooch on the pouch!

STEP 1: Login or register with us to create your user profile.
STEP 2: Choose your photo. Make sure it meets the requirements below.
STEP 3: Upload your photo! As many as you want at any time.
  • File Types: We accept JPG (black and white and color) files. Since our labels are printed at a high resolution, be sure to use the lowest compression (or highest quality) setting possible when taking pictures on your computer. We do not accept photos with people in them (remember, it's all about the dogs!).

  • Resolution: The bigger the picture, the better! Label photos are printed at a high resolution. If you have a digital camera make sure to take the photo at the highest setting your camera will allow. To qualify and be considered for the label, your photo must be 300dpi or higher at a size of at least 5.25in (w) x 2.5in (h) (1,575 pixels x 750 pixels). As a guideline, photos should be at least 1,000K (Kilobytes). You can still submit photos that do not meet this requirement to the online gallery, but we won't be able to print your photo on a label.

Questions? Check out the FAQs »

Tips: We typically will crop photos to fit in the space allowed - so send the whole thing.
Please only send in pictures you took yourself.
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